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About TLM

TLM was born out of pure passion for Moto Guzzi. The eponym and founder, Teo Lamers, was very active in the 1970s with driving on and improving old V7 models. The improvements and repairs expanded from his own bikes to those of friends and, ultimately, resulteed in searching and acquirng the correct parts in Italy. The hobby began to spin out of control and that's how Teo Lamers Motorcycles developed into Moto Guzzi specialist of todayi. As the years progressed and new models appeared, TLM was active in racing. The techniques that were developed in racing were incorporated in the workshop  (e.g. Twinspark) and applied onto street bikes. The contacts with the Moto Guzzi factory were improving every time and Teo became a regular visitor.

From the early years TLM has always stood next to the importer, TLM was the proverbial thorn in fur. The new bikes were parallel imported and independently checked and serviced (sometimes even completely rebuilt).

When, in the beginning of the new millennium the factory was modernised, it was time to modernize the realtionship with the factory. Since 2003, TLM is therefore to be found as an official dealer on the lists of the factory.

Since the official dealership TLM has worked together with the importer (s) on the Dutch market. The digital rear entrances of the factory are wide open now and the most modern tools and equipment are available in the workshop.

nowadays, you can find virtually all new and used models in the showroom and classic bikes are being restored in the workshop. Total parts stock increases still and used parts are being sold as well. Parts and bikes are shipped around the world.

A short historical overview with some highlights since its founding:

1982: creation of Teo Lamers Motorcycles B.V. 
1989: moved to the Nijverheidsweg 26 
2000: Teo emigrates to Australia 
2002: Martijn and Michiel take over the company
2004: 1st Revision website 
2010: Unveiling new logo 
2012: 30 year aaniversary TLM
2012: Reopening used parts department
2013: Completely new website
2017 : moved to the Lagelandseweg 66